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I am a classically trained, award-winning professional actor with plenty of experience in theater, audio, TV & film (lots of ADR). I have recorded for Audible, Nickelodeon, as well as commercial VO’s. I speak fluent Romanian and Spanish, and am conversational in French and Italian. I can also do various degrees of accents in all of the above, plus pretty much any Eastern European accent. I am also quite familiar with British RP, as well as Southern accents. MFA Brooklyn College.


I have a professional home studio, equipped with a LAUTEN LA220 FET condenser mic with a Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Audio interface. I record in Adobe Audition.

Voice Over: Blood Weed (Audible), Sokka in Avatar (Nickelodeon Romania), Subaru Ad (Commercial).

TV: The Endgame, For Life, WeCrashed, The Deuce, The Blacklist; 

Film: Snakeeater, Varlet, Delenda, Hell House 2, Kidnapping of A Fish, The Naked Woman, Dominant Species, Far From Here; 

Off-Broadway: Tamburlaine (TFANA), Jericho (Attic Theatre), Unearthly Visitants (Triskelion Arts), Island of Dr. Moreau (Piper Theatre), Splitfoot (Edinburgh Fringe), Lincoln Dress.

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