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“The boy in the story is Jericho (played handsomely by Vasile Flutur) a carousel barker who is very popular with the local girls”


"Flutur’s convincingly charismatic Jericho compels attention to the very end"



"A tough and cocky carousel barker by the name of Jericho, played valiantly by Vasile Flutur (Piper Theatre’s Frankenstein)" Times Square Chronicles

"The eponymous Jericho, played with charm and rough edges by Romanian actor, Vasile Flutur"


"Thrilling talent in Michael Weller's Coney Island carousel spin in Jericho"


"Vasile Flutur, co-writer with John P McEneny, who fearlessly twitches between showmanship and demonic rages in his many parts."


"Mr. Splitfoot (Vasile Flutur) controls the telling of the entire story in a delightfully creepy fashion" ChargedFM

Edinburgh Fringe

"Vas Eli is titanic as Kal. The soulful combination of Mr. Eli’s salt of the earth presence, down to earth speech pattern, and commanding physicality are riveting."

“Regarding Vasile Flutur and his “unusual” quality, he is Romanian born and arguably a European quality pervades his personality. In spite of playwright Weller’s placing the play in Coney Island, the Old Country permeates in its insistent darkness; and I mean that as a compliment.”



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