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brunch with a kay

orange juice with a fork

i feed you who are naked naked

from the beak of your stork

my very own brunch in bed playkid

yes i poach your eggs

Sautée your spinach lemonpepper benedict

left nipple specked with coffee dregs

our minor snooze that never ticked

your skin your eyes like skin

my hair dead nature and yet oh so warm

your eyes slant hazel thus balsamic sin

and musique as melo as an avantstorm

the scratch on my bum its from you

too lazy yowe me some neosporin

oh by the way didnt know you could mew

the way you mewed towards the mornin

come back dont pee or shower

i miss you look my side is getting cold

i hear my grays i taste so sour

old nuisance stale full of mold

what took you pillowblankethead

i almost wondered where you were

i really worried id be breaking bed

without you in the moments spur

12 9 13

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