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brooklyn hey

brooklyn hey

im writing from far away brooklyn

i hear kids now dont even need handlebars on their segways brooklyn

& i have yet to go inside barclays brooklyn

i miss your delis brooklyn

w the cats n taptobellies brooklyn

& bagelworld miniwholewheat everything loxspread ill none o that pb&jellies brooklyn

i miss the buskers w buckets, saws, yamahas and ukuleles brooklyn

& boyz almost men flying underground

awa your roof w its trafficky light n sound brooklyn

wheres your skyline to be found broooklyn

rumor has it youre workin on one you volcanic mound you brooklyn

i miss the colors brooklyn

yours only stone offwhite brown green black egg graffiti & smothers brooklyn

and im not doing well wo my hermanitos

& chicanas the coneys even the gringos

i miss the wall of ganj that anoints

you on the street that never disappoints

i miss 5pointz brooklyn

+ the divejoints

barefoot i wanna conquer prospect park again

why are you so big breukelen

is it because you need to look after manhattan brooklyn

the sun oh it loves to hide behind you slopeden

it comes down to your roofs

shrinks to a nickle for our dream booths

our pipe celebrations with zero reason for truths

that we daily sleuth

come home and showm your ohm brooklyn

om brooklyn

brooklyn vroom vroom

11 25 15

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